Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Happy 50

50 posts already. Wow.

UXT has been a great exercise for me, in terms of publishing web content. It's also been an experiment to see how capable Blogger is as an application - and it has some great innovations, for sure.

Of particular note is the autosaving of posts, with expandable 'labels' (or tags) section, and generally a good, clean UI throughout. However this platform isn't really where I want UXT to be in the future - it has limitations that I think could hold back what I want to share with the world.

I've tried out many blogging platforms locally, and I'm not satisfied enough with any of them to start a 'serious' website tailored to my needs. So, I'm writing my own.

I will also stop posting article links on a regular basis, as I feel that there is an imbalance between what I have written and what I have linked to. I may or may not continue to post my own thoughts here... but watch this space.

Hopefully I'll have a new publishing system out there early next year. Thanks for reading.


Ciph3rzer0 said...

Blogger is a great thing, especially since it uses a google account, and almost everyone has one. So that means people can leave comments without having to register for your site, or being anonymous, which I think is great.

Not only that, but it does RSS and stuff for you.

If only they could make it so you could get rid of that bar and embed it somehow on your page.

Last time I checked you couldn't.

Anonymous said...

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